Gold Star Mission 500 | Day 3 Recap

I apologize for the late updates as to how day three went.

It was an extremely long, hot and grueling day for our riders, but the outpouring of support along the route showed us all what we’re working so hard to do, which is to get the message and story of these 34 fallen out into the world. The riders had another early 0530 roll out time from Paris heading to finish the day in Kankakee. Along the ride we got to see Villa Grove school children lining the road to cheer us on as we ride past, were greeted with a much needed early morning snack from the Jessup family in Urbana, but for sure the best experience of the day was the escort and overwhelming turnout from the city of Paxton.

After Paxton the group stopped at the 33rd Division Memorial on Route 54, just outside of Roberts, to visit the memorial for all of the Gold Star members from the 33rd. The heat did have an effect on our riders so the rest stops were extended so make sure that they stayed hydrated and cool, we were lucky enough to have a couple fire trucks, from Paxton and Gilman, travel with us to stops to cool the riders off. Our arrival to Kankakee ran about an hour behind schedule but once we did get into town we met up with some Gold Star family members for a brief ceremony and dinner. Wake up call for Saturday morning was 30 mins later than any of the previous days of the ride so the riders head to St. Charles at 0600 for the end of ride ceremonies.