As Treasurer, I will vow to safeguard the funds that the Gold Star Mission raises and expend these funds in accordance with the organization’s bylaws that have been approved by the membership.  Furthermore, I promise to work toward the ongoing compliance of the Federal Internal Revenue Service recognized Non-for-profit (NFP) 501(c)(3) organization  by ensuring only the expenditure of funds that meet the exemption requirements.

The qualifications that I bring to the  position includes over 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, with the last ten years as a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Government Accounting Professional .  I have also served on  other NFP boards as treasurer, including the Knights of Columbus and the Lincoln Land High School Hockey Association.

Personally, I am a lifelong guard soldier that was in Battalion Command when the 1544th Transportation Company return from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) after suffering four KIAs.  The stress of these losses and the memory of those soldiers solidifies my involvement and support of this organization.